Patient Portal

Centrelake Imaging is pleased to announce a new alternative to accessing your medical imaging records!

Instead of picking up a CD, a new online service through a third-party — PocketHealth — now offers Centrelake patients and their families access to their medical imaging records online. To enroll, patients can provide their email address to our front desk at any Centrelake location. Once patients enroll for access, they can view their entire available imaging history from all Centrelake sites, share imaging instantly with any physician/provider, or even burn their own CD/USB from home.

There is a $5.00 fee at the time of enrollment which includes permanent access to all previous imaging and radiologist reports as well as any new exams patients undergo over the following two weeks. Patients can update their accounts with new Centrelake records anytime for an additional $5.00 fee.

Looking for support regarding your portal access? You can contact PocketHealth Patient Support directly at 1-855-381-8522 or

PocketHealth, a PocketSix Technologies Inc. service, is a third-party record storage platform and independent from Centrelake Medical Group Inc. Patients may exercise the right to opt out of access to medical records via PockeHealth at any time. By consenting to access records via PocketHealth, patients waive all claims against Centrelake, its physicians, employees, affiliates and agents for all purposes in connection with said communication and disclosure of information in the said records.

Centrelake advises all patients to consult with a medical professional when attempting to interpret or understand their medical imaging history.